Negotiation Tips, Phrases and Strategies

Negotiation Training and Consulting® offers a range of negotiation training programs and consulting packages to meet your needs. Programs range from 90 minutes to 2 days depending on your time, budget, and skill mastery required. Our consulting packages provide fast answers, hard hitting advice, effective plan of action, and can even serve as your representative at the negotiating table. » Learn More

Training Solution in a Box

Introducing the complete negotiation training solution in a box - The Power Negotiator Toolkit. A bundled package that contains proven and extremely effective negotiation tactics, strategies, phrases, scripts and questioning techniques and more by Negotiation Expert Michael E. Sloopka. Purchase the Power Negotiator Toolkit as a 9-CD Set or downloadable MP3 Files. » Learn More

Meet The Negotiating Coach®

Michael E. Sloopka is a internationally recognized negotiating expert with specialized expertise, practical experience, and distinctive skills to help you avoid missed opportunities in negotiating situations. Endowed with a talent to seek out the optimum value in a deal, Michael can bring your negotiations to astounding conclusions with perspectives on your deal that you hadn’t anticipated and results that will increase your bottom-line profitability. » Learn More

You’ve come to the right place for all your negotiation needs® is an international negotiation training, consulting, and coaching firm that specializes in teaching negotiation skills and the decision-making dynamics that affect negotiation outcomes. We are a proven solution provider and the benchmark for providing high return-on-investment negotiation solutions, ranging from our negotiation training programs to complex organization-wide negotiation initiatives. » Learn More